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Heh 1 post a month 
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Post Heh 1 post a month
The forums are down to handling about 1 post per month.

Far cry from back when we would have about 100 new posts per day.

Anyone playing anything?

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Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:10 pm
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Post Re: Heh 1 post a month

We still like DDO because we can / are playing a Story based Campaign.
3 person group.
Playing this way is as close as we can get to the old Pen and Paper days : )
The Game acts as a GM and most of the story is done by us in E-mails.
We just finished up a Campaign that lasted a year and started a new one.
This new Campaign is three Tolkien type Elves against the wold!

When this is over we are thinking of three Dwarfs out for nothing but Gold. This Campaign will be over not when the big bad is defeated OR he/she defeats us. But when we get 1mill in Gold. We think it could be fun having to decide if it is worth it to repair gear or get that healing potion.

Then we are playing the new Neverwinter.
5 person group.
This game is, for me, mindless but at least it is something we can do all together.
I would rather play Diablo.

Only once a week though for both Games.


Then for our board game nights we just started the Pathfinder Card Game.
This could be fun as you build a DnD type character and play a Campaign of adventures as your character levels.

We also play the Sentinels of the Multiverse game
This is a fun card game.
Lots to do and ever changing.
Not so much on the story telling but we make it work in like a mini- Campaign

There is also a solo APP if someone is looking for something to do.


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Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:49 pm
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Post Re: Heh 1 post a month
Currently I play:

Farcry Primal
COD Black ops 2
Magic TG : Duels

Pool league three nights a week..
DnD with Deph and 5 others one night a week. We are using the 3.5 ruleset as
that is most familiar to everyone and 4 was horrible. Noone's tried 5 yet in our
group. It's a ton of fun to get together and play old school PnP DnD again. We
very much try to Keep our characters inline with a roleplaying idea.

For instance. I'm playing an Elf Urban Ranger as we are going to be mostly in city
or around our main city for most of this campaign. As such I'm playing my character
as a money hungry bounty hunter type and pretty much everything out of my mouth
is asking how much we're getting paid for doing anything LOL.. Everyone in
group plays pretty much the same way. Deph is playing an angry Dwarf that pretty much
attacks anything he sees or gets constantly drunk. It's great because the party overall
backs each other up regardless of how nuts we get and it turns into a night of laughter
due to the crazy roleplaying.

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Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:51 pm
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Post Re: Heh 1 post a month
Narco wrote:
............ and 4 was horrible.

/sigh.... I guess that I am the only one to think 4.0 was the best system out there. I so like the Skill Challenges as a great Story concept and to make DnD more then just kill a Foe to get XP.

Our Group did some 5.0 Beta. I did not like it but I am told that 5.0 went final just a few months ago and that 5.0 is now open source. We my try that again.

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Sat Mar 05, 2016 1:45 am
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